Go Blog Already

I built a blog engine! In classic programmer fashion, instead of actually writing a blog, I decided to use a bit of golang to build myself a blog engine. Yes, this is definitely a prime example of yak shaving, but it’s been a a fun endeavor.

The project itself can be found here: https://github.com/jpschroeder/go-build-a-blog

Why build a blog engine?

This is really just a toy project that I can use to play with a full golang web application. I don’t expect anyone else to use it, but it is live and hosting this tiny blog right now.

Why is it so ugly?

Some call it ugly, others might say: minimalistic. The design is very simple on purpose. I was inspired by one of my favorite projects: txti.es.
I wanted to see what could be accomplished with as little css and javascript as possible.

What next?

I’d like to use this a jumping off point to chronicle some of my experiences building a simple web application in go and some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

Some ideas I’ve had for future entries (in no particular order):