Talking with Tumbleweeds

Hello World! This is the first post for my new experimental blog, Tumbleweed Technology. I named it this way because I assume that absolutely no-one is going to actually read it. I plan to post here about various techie things that I come across day to day. It could be random technology that I think is cool; It could problems that I encounter; It could just be things that I don’t want to forget.

Update: See the updated blog description here

This blog is written in markdown, using sublime text, powered by jekyll, and running on top of github pages. You can find the source here.

If you are actually reading this (and are not, in fact, a tumbleweed), feel free to contact me at the email below.

Since this is my first post, I figured I would include a quick tip. To enable spell checking in sublime only for markdown files, just open a markdown file, select Preferences -> Settings - More -> Syntax Specific - User and enter the following:

    "spell_check": true